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The prison artist is an enigma...

...to the visual arts theater in that, while some work under just one genre, others transition from one to another...and back again. The time and exposure to all sides of the artistic sphere is what we believe helps them to perfect their craft.

In any case,  visitors to this "View by Genre" page may notice that one or more names appear in multiple genres. This is because the artist has submitted work that fits the definition.


View Prison Art by Genre
View Prison Art by Genre


Abstract work involves lines, shapes, and colors that don't depict real objects. Work can be messy, clean, feathery, splattered, spilled, accidental.

Strictly speaking, abstract artworks derive from non-natural subjects such as geometric shapes, although wider definitions embrace all non-representational works. Types of geometric abstraction are also called concrete art, or more confusingly non-objective art. Both these terms mean the same.

    Rolando Garcia (1)○

    Delmar Burford (1)


Abstraction is identified by distorted, vague, or irregular representations of real objects. Simplified forms and shapes are common. Real and unrealistic colors.

    Gregory Alford (5)

    Michael Anthony Draven


Emotionally driven colors and distortions of form are common. More concern is placed on conveying an emotion than making the subject look realistic

    Brent Collins (1)

    Caroline Edwards (1)

    Tarqui Mattox (3) :: My name is T.D. Mattox. I'm originally from Atlanta, Ga. I've enjoyed creating beautiful and unique art pieces for most of my life. I'm currently incarcerated in the Feds. Although my circumstances are restricting, I still carry within my heart a strong desire to share happiness with others through art. I enjoy creating art that brings joy to people. I like creating art that makes people "feel good". My original artwork is inspired by social events. I hope that you enjoy this art piece as much as I did creating it. Thanks for your support. Please look for more great art pieces to come!


Impressionist work is painted through an artists eye. Visually-based colors, real-world scenes, feathery textures are common. Paint is sometimes applied thick.

    Jerome Thomas (12) :: With over 40 years of experience, I have been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil. I was born December 2, 1971 in Bradenton, Florida.

I have several passions when it comes to my art. I love to airbrush and have airbrushed t-shirts. I once airbrushed Martin Luther King and Malcom X on a car.

I'm very passionate about Afro-centric art. I have a tarot deck I made on the Orishas of Dahomey and the "OBA", just waiting to get published.

I also love adding Adrinkas in my art and have a talent carving things for my grandsons.

I love drawing African and Latino women, because of all the art and colors in the culture. I like teaching art and Sanfoka as well.

Family has always been an important part of my life. I love my family and we are very close. I am especially close to my grandsons. I have just over 7 years left in prison and my family will always there for me, just as I am for them.

Feel free to write with comments, questions and requests:

Jerome Thomas #483089-019
P.O. Box 699
Estill, SC 29918


Realism is the general attempt to depict subjects without embellishment or interpretation. Clean lines, real-world subject matter and authentic colors.

    Jose Fernandez (1)

    Griffin Smith :: My artwork and what i do is portraits. I love drawing portraits of people, families or celebrities as well. My inspiration comes from when somebody's loved one receives one of my portraits and it brings tears of joy to their eyes. When I hear about it, I know that my work has done what it's suppose to do...love it.

As far as what got me started, I've been drawing all of my life but never really took it seriously until I went to the hole in 09. After leaving the hole, I was moved to a step-down unit and it was there I started back drawing.

People started really recognizing my artwork so I started drawing even more. That really motivated me into helping take care of my son financially who, at the time, was just 8 yrs old.

My son means everything to me and comes before my needs, so half the money i make from my portraits is sent home to him. I refuse to let my incarceration stand between me and my responsibilities as a father. Being able to help in his support from this place has helped our relationship on so many levels. And while I'm not out there physically, I can support him emotionally and financially while I'm away.

As time has passed, I've been getting better and better as a portrait artist. Additionally, I find that when I listen to my MP3, it aids in keeping me focused on what I'm drawing, nothing more.

Drawing relieves stress and keeps me focused on what I want to do: make money behind my artwork and help take care of my son in the process. I prefer black & white over color cause, for me, I can see more of the detail.

Thanks for reading.

    Todd Toomer (14) :: My name is Todd Toomer and I've been involved in graphic design for over 30 years. Before sentenced to prison, I spenr 15 years teaching grapgic design at the high school level. I've designed everything from architecture to vehicles in space.

My background is in custom graphics, airbrush, automotive design, marketing, illustration, religious art, and digital design.
Of particular interest to me is photography, marker renderings, package design, technical theater and "skin art".

I have a deep admiration of graphic novels, 1980s animation, and scary clowns. When I am released from prison I plan to re-open my design firm.

Inspiration for my work, both in prison and out, comes from my children, my family, my friends, and my students.

I hope you enjoy my work. Like it but need something special? Contact me through my rep, Intern Zachary, from PrisonArtWare.com, or write:

Todd Toomer V54269
Taylor CI Annex
8501 Hampton Springs Rd.
Perry, Florida 32348


    Joel Kline :: I'm Joel Kline I make small pictures with acrylics and watercolor paint am watercolor paper. they are about 2-4 inch by 2-4 inches. Mostly I make them into greeting cards but would love to be able to sell them without making them into greeting cards. I was hoping to be able to send you 5 or 10 of them a week. Each takes me about 4-6 hours to make.
I have a life sentence and will never get out of prison so I have nothing but time.

My address is:
Joel Kline 07381-089
PO. Box 5000
Greenville, Il 62246


    Gregory Alford (5)

     :: Some real objects, some not. Usually arranged or depicted unnaturally. Irony, metaphors, realistic colors and hallucinations are common subject matter.


    Joaquin D Cervantes

    Michael "Empty" Jasper


    Rolando Garcia (1)

by Michael Allison, dba the Gallery of Imprisoned Artists
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