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After a 3-year proof of concept period, and 5 years experience in the prison art sector, we've changed our Mission Statement to better reflect our focus.


Mission gives prison artists everywhere a safe and lasting place to archive their work, while simultaneously expanding their digital footprint on the internet.


We believe that all prison artists have a voice--an inalienable right to be heard by those poised to listen. We strive daily then to bring a level of service to our artists, their friends, family, and supporters that will aid us in helping them to reach their viewers and perspective audiences. That ongoing effort, to inject into the mainstream conversation the subject of prison art, and the voices behind it.


We insist that our artists' best chances at bringing their work to the free world rests, initially, on the efforts of their greatest and most loyal fans: their friends, family, and supporters.  We thus resolve to travel the outermost ends of the customer service spectrum in meeting the exposure goals and objectives of this blessed familial publicity force.

Meet the Team

William Crandell PHD , Chair
William Crandell PHD , Chair

Chairman since mid 2015, Dr. Crandell has worked tirelessly to guide the direction of PrisonArtWare and its staff.


Mr. Crandell earned his PHD in Public Sector Management from the University of Las Vegas.  He is currently the CEO of Select Logistics in Carson City.

Message 775-600-2718

Dalia Gupta, Secretary/Controller
Dalia Gupta, Secretary/Controller

Secretary since initial organization in 2013, Dalia Gupta has graciously devoted her time outside her practice to help keep upright, the sometimes chaotic activities that makes such an engaging and interesting place to work.

Mrs. Gupta is lead counsel at the nonprofit lawyer referral network in New Delhi.

Skip Rivera,  Customer and Public Relations 702-570-9219
Skip Rivera, Customer and Public Relations 702-570-9219