We give our artists a free YouTube channel so they have more options in promoting their work from prison. It's easy to help.

You can help them promote their channel
You can help them promote their channel

Art therapy works

Of all the rehabilitation programs in prison, few work like that of art therapy. Countless universities across the US and around the world have witnessed the positive confidence-building effects that come when convicts take up art.
You can help
You can help

It's easy to help one of our imprisoned artists. 

And when you do, you'll help them realize their dream of living an honest, productive, life through the power of art.
Browse artists from our home page, find one you have a feeling about, then return here and pick a video production package ($15, $25, or $45). When you check out, simply enter the artist's name in the notation field and we'll do the rest. Leave your email address (optional), and will notify the artist of your generous "hand up".

Watch this sample of our video production service. Viewing time 4:04 


Single piece.  One minute viewing time. 

This is probably our most popular production service because it gives our interns time to create and say more. And it allows longer viewing time of the artist's work. 
Most Popular $15


Trio pack, 3 pieces and 2 minutes viewing time. 

Our Trio Pack service makes for a well rounded viewing experience for the prison art enthusiast. Though viewing times typically run longer than stated, the end result is an enjoyable video that strives to convey the artist's feelings for their work. 
Terrific Package $25


6 pack. Six pieces and 3 to 5 minutes  viewing time. 

The 6 Pack video production package is a favorite among the artists themselves. Though most are unable to see the video themselves, our interns send screenshots that gives a great sense of what is happening on screen. Some artists have even called home and had their families play the music while the artist follows along. The results are amazing, and when the artists write in to thank us, you can tell that they are "renewed" over the experience. Us too. 
Best Value $45
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