Intern and Volunteer Opportunities

Help our "Returning Citizens"

The phrase "Returnimg Citizens is the Justice Department's new buzzword for felons released to a neighborhood near you. PrisonArtWear.com embraces the term in that we share the belief that "ex felon", "convicted felon" and "parolee" have run their course. That's part of the of the reason we approach the advocacy of prison art the way we do: as a vehicle for change and help.

Join Us...

...in that effort. Anyone can get involved, and we mean anyone.

You can help these men and women,  while changing the antiquated prison art industry, supporting a movement geared to change the way ourour communities see both prison art and prison artists alike. We offer the following supporting opportunities:

1. Internships

2. Volunteer "mobile billboard"

3. Support-An-Artist

Join Our Virtual Intern Team! 909-300-2225

A virtual internship is a work experience program where the participant (intern) gains experience while working in a remote professional setting and is not physically present at the job location.

As an Artist Rep Virtual Intern at PrisonArtWare.com (PAW) you'll never commute to an office, but will  communicate with PAW principles,  staffers, and other interns online via email, Skype, and instant messaging, phone conversations, SMS (text) messaging, etc.

Virtual internships at PAW are available to both students and graduates. We offer a competitive compensation package once the initial "prove up" period is complete. 

Our 2 year internships train entry-level applicants the intricacies of dealing with myriad types of job functions; from working with federal inmates via email,  to serving as designers, illustrators, and "illuminators" of the reorganized prison art movement.

For details contact Skip.

Volunteer as a mobile billboard

Our Volunteer program puts individuals on the front lines of the struggle to take prison art out of the weeds and into the mainstream art superhighway, by serving as "mobile billboards", wearing the art we seek to be seen.  The marketing efforts of our volunteers are subtle yet effective.   

Ours is a unique volunteer experience in that most of the time you won't even know you're doing it! PrisonArtWare advocates for prison art and prison artists through the curating and sales of their work online. The goal is simple: get their work out of the shadows and into the hands (literally) of those we see every day.

Volunteering at PrisonArtWare.com is as simple as contacting us, choosing an artist to market for,  then purchasing, at a deep discount, only those art emblazoned items that you'll use daily.  Spend time in lines all day? Try a t-shirt, hoodie or shoulder bag. Sit around in coffee shops and busy locations? Try a phone skin or laptop cover.

PrisonArtWare offerings are different and people like them. Give it a try and see the conversations you find yourself in when someone taps on your shoulder to ask, "Where'd you get that shirt, skirt, or phone skin?"

Our top-performing volunteers are rewarded with cash bonuses and the opportunity to join our exclusive "Street    Level" affiliate program.  Learn more about volunteering with us by contacting Skip.

Life on the "inside" is hard; an attack or worse could happen at any moment.  Can you imagine drawing even a stick figure amidst such chaos?

PrisonArtWare.com offers the Support an Artist opportunity as a way to fill any gap that might exist in our artists' lives. This so they can go on breathing life into the images "escaping" prison daily.

We hope you'll scroll through our participating artists here.  If something in their short story appeals to your sense of humanity and interest in the  visual arts, please show your support with one of the options listed above the "Buy Now" button.

For more information on supporting our artists contact Skip

by Michael Allison, dba the Gallery of Imprisoned Artists
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