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What is

 Answer: It is the world's first...

...and only full service online gallery for prison artists everywhere.

After a 3-year proof of concept period, and 5 years experience in the prison art sector, we've changed our Mission Statement to better reflect our focus.

Reviews...with a twist

See what our artists and their supporters are saying about

What's the twist? Read reviews here that our artists write about their reps. But look close and you'll see reviews from our reps, about their artists. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just another FAQ page?

That's a Great Question!"

Most sites use focus groups and company staffers to build their Frequently Asked Questions page. Not us. No, the questions presented here came straight off our social media feeds. If you don't see your question here, let us know and we'll add (and answer) it here.

Who are you and what do you do? is a for profit organization that operates with a singular goal: to bring into the daylight,  those works made by artists who are incarcerated.  Through our online advocacy efforts in putting the artist's work into their own dedicated online portfolio, establishes those men and women in the art world; a portion of which we claim as our own...the re-organized prison art industry.

How much does it cost?

The establishment of the the artist's online portfolio is 100% FREE OF CHARGE. We will upload all art sent to us. Send 1, sent 1001...the interns will take the time (usually 15 minutes per image) to make certain it looks perfecton all of our merchandising platform's 27 products.

If your service is free, how do you manage to employ staffers and interns?

Generous endowments mostly,  though those have expired since our launch in 2012. Lately we have relied on the 30% share of profit we take on all sales of the artist's work on t-shirts, iPhone covers,  acrylic sculpture etc. We also offer our artists,  their frends, family and supporters, a full suite of marketing products and services aimed at affordably putting their work in the map.

What can the artists, whose work you represent, expect out of their online portfolio and exposure through

Why don't you offer artist work on CafePress for platforms?

Great Question! The simple fact is, the interns hate both. At launch, we considered a group of approximately 8 merchandising platforms. None compared to the customer experience and ease-of-use found on the Redbubble platform. And while sales are initially sluggish using a platform based in the UK, the company is slowly but steadily gaining market share 8n the U.S., through its advertising on television and social media.

What can I do to help?

If you know an artist in prison.  

  1. First, go to our download page and

       download, print,  then send them

       our Mail-in Package.

   2. Help them, and by extension us, by

       serving as a mobile billboard or

       marketing "rep" of sorts, by either

       wearing apparel emblazoned with

       their work, or "ware it" by using

       daily any of our products aimed at

       bringing their work into the daylight

       on  iPhone covers, shoulder bags,  

       and more. Download the new for 

       2018   Freinds and Family Marketing

      Guide for complete details and

       tested strategies for marketing

       your imprisoned artist's work.


If you just want to help.

       If the promotion and advocacy

       of something new and interesting

       appeals to your sense of humanity 

       PrisonArtWare (PAW) has.

       volunteer opportunities for you


       From doing "virtual"

       customer assistance, to directly

       working with the artists

       themselves, serving as a PAW

       volunteer takes social respons-

       ibility to new heights.  What an

       amazing way to help an

       emerging market,  while simul-

       taneously doing something good

       for these men and women who

       the Justice Department calls

       "returning citizens"  To learn

       more, contact Skip Rivera.

Vidz of what is selling

Watch what happens when our artists' work is seen--commercially--for the first time in the free world!

A shout out here to our artists' friends, family and supporters (and our amazing interns) for providing these videos to us. Thank you all!

Learning Portal (for artist's friends, family, and supporters)

Learn how to market your artist's work while advocating for the re-organized prison arts movement.

We at PrisonArtWear learned very early on, that the very best way to launch a prison artist's career in the outside world was to enlist the help of their friends, family, and supporters (FFS). Testing showed that when a single FFS took a piece of art-infused ware into the free world, not a day went by without at least one person asking from where the "carrier" purchased the item, shirt, skirt, handbag that was emblazoned with art they'd never seen before. The "walking talking billboard" concept has proved itself again and again. 

Further testing showed...

...that when just a little marketing guidance was given to--and put into action by--these FFS's, the "one-a-day habit" grew proportionately; meaning more and more people started asking about the art they were "waring" in the form of a drawstring bag etc. This exposure meant that sales too increased as a direct result of the artist's work being shown in public.

The following...

...videos, art marketing tips and links were created by the staffers at to help you to learn how to best market the work of your prison artist; all while advocating for the re-organized prison arts movement. Enjoy.

Scroll down to learn:

  • How to Photograph Prison Art
  • How to Photograph Arts & Crafts, and Greeting Cards
  • How to Market Prison Art

Our Introductory Services (for prison artists) gives prison artists everywhere the opportunity to have their work represented at four levels:

Four Services Meant to Give Their Work a Safe and Lasting Archival Space Online.

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