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My name is T.D. Mattox. I'm originally from Atlanta, Ga. I've enjoyed creating beautiful and unique art pieces for most of my life. I'm currently incarcerated in the Feds. Although my circumstances are restricting, I still carry within my heart a strong desire to share happiness with others through art. I enjoy creating art that brings joy to people. I like creating art that makes people "feel good". My original artwork is inspired by social events. I hope that you enjoy these works as much as I did creating them. Thanks for your support. Please look for more great art pieces to come! View my portfolio now.

I was born in 1972 and started to draw by the age of 5 years old. I pretty much been drawing on and off growing up. Wherever I find an art class, I take it. That way I can learn more about the art world. But when I had children, I stopped art so I could raise my kids. 

When I find time, I draw some. I learn how to use different medium and how to combine them. I like to do different styles of artwork, from cartoons to manga. So I hope you like my artwork and enjoy them like I do. Thanks for your time. Visit my portfolio here.

My name is Todd Toomer and I've been involved in graphic design for over 30 years. Before sentenced to prison, I spenr 15 years teaching grapgic design at the high school level. I've designed everything from architecture to vehicles in space. 

My background is in custom graphics, airbrush, automotive design, marketing, illustration, religious art, and digital design. 

Of particular interest to me is photography, marker renderings, package design, technical theater and "skin art".

I have a deep admiration of graphic novels, 1980s animation, and scary clowns. When I am released from prison I plan to re-open my design firm.

Inspiration for my work, both in prison and out, comes from my children, my family, my friends, and my students. 

I hope you enjoy my work. Like it but need something special? Contact me through my rep, Intern Zachary:


View my portfolio now. 

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, kids and adults of all ages! Welcome to Ronin's World of Art. My name is Troy Glover but to my friends I am Ronin.

The art that you will be viewing here has all sparked from my own need to either laugh, tell a story, express a thougnt, or provoke dialogue.

Since my incarceration in the late 90's, my soul's journey has consisted of self-transformation, where I have become a servant to others. 

As a servant, I am an author, a poet, a song¬writer...and now a creator of art.
Through all of these mediums, I have strived to give others a reason to laugh and provide entertainment for the imagination, while stimulating insight and connection; giving voice and a sense of shared unity for those who are unable to speak for themselves.
I pray that you too find something on my art page that will allow me to be a servant for you.
NOTE: I have been away from my family for over twenty years. 90% of all dividends allocated to me goes towards me being a servant for my sons’ college fund!
Thank You


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Chilende Ngosa (30)

Zambia, Africa


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North America

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Akuru Chan (1)

United States of America

Andrew Krease (11)

United States of America 

Antwan Shelton (1)

United States of America

Charles Smith (1)

United States of America

Chris Phernambuco (27)

United States of America

Christopher Clark (1)

United States of America 

I get my inspiration from many different places like knowing that someone will get the best ,and enjoy what I have to offer.

The art I make depends on what kinda mood I am in I want to make people happy for I myself have not had much happiness in life and I nkow what my cards/art do to people when they get them

Dariel Haddock (1)

United States of America

David Meyers (1)

United States of America

Dustin Higgs (1)

United States of America

Dylan Gentry (1)

United States of America

Eddie King (1)

United States of America

Efren Medina (11)

United States of America

Edwards Thomas (1)

United States of America

Gary Carr (1)

United States of America

George Cobb (0)

United States of America

Griffin Smith (11)

United States of America 

My artwork and what i do is portraits. I love drawing portraits of people, families or celebrities as well. My inspiration comes from when somebody's loved one receives one of my portraits and it brings tears of joy to their eyes. When I hear about it, I know that my work has done what it's suppose to do...love it. 

As far as what got me started, I've been drawing all of my life but never really took it seriously until I went to the hole in 09. After leaving the hole, I was moved to a step-down unit and it was there I started back drawing. 

People started really recognizing my artwork so I started drawing even more. That really motivated me into helping take care of my son financially who, at the time, was just 8 yrs old. 

My son means everything to me and comes before my needs, so half the money i make from my portraits is sent home to him. I refuse to let my incarceration stand between me and my responsibilities as a father. Being able to help in his support from this place has helped our relationship on so many levels. And while I'm not out there physically, I can support him emotionally and financially while I'm away. 

As time has passed, I've been getting better and better as a portrait artist. Additionally, I find that when I listen to my MP3, it aids in keeping me focused on what I'm drawing, nothing more.

Drawing relieves stress and keeps me focused on what I want to do: make money behind my artwork and help take care of my son in the process. I prefer black & white over color cause, for me, I can see more of the detail. 

Thanks for reading.

Isaac Craven (1)

United States of America

Jerome Thomas (12)

United States of America 

With over 40 years of experience, I have been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil. I was born December 2, 1971 in Bradenton, Florida.

I have several passions when it comes to my art. I love to airbrush and have airbrushed t-shirts. I once airbrushed Martin Luther King and Malcom X on a car.

I'm very passionate about Afro-centric art. I have a tarot deck I made on the Orishas of Dahomey and the "OBA", just waiting to get published. 

I also love adding Adrinkas in my art and have a talent carving things for my grandsons.

I love drawing African and Latino women, because of all the art and colors in the culture. I like teaching art and Sanfoka as well. 

Family has always been an important part of my life. I love my family and we are very close. I am especially close to my grandsons. I have just over 7 years left in prison and my family will always there for me, just as I am for them.

Feel free to write with comments, questions and requests:

Jerome Thomas #483089-019


P.O. Box 699

Estill, SC 29918

Jerry Avery (1)

United States of America 


Joel Kline

United States of America 

I'm Joel Kline I make small pictures with acrylics and watercolor paint am watercolor paper. they are about 2-4 inch by 2-4 inches. Mostly I make them into greeting cards but would love to be able to sell them without making them into greeting cards. I was hoping to be able to send you 5 or 10 of them a week. Each takes me about 4-6 hours to make.

I have a life sentence and will never get out of prison so I have nothing but time.

My address is:

Joel Kline 07381-089


PO. Box 5000

Greenville, Il 62246

Jonathan Ramsdale (1)

United States of America

John Belden (23)

United States of America 

Beautiful People,

Peace be with you all and I wish you the greatest joy. Art brings me peace and release and I pass it on to you. Prison is a cesspool and place of suffering many mem and women have different ways to deal with it. 

My inspiration comes from everything but the spark is a spontaneous moment I have. So many times I catch a eureka moment. My life is similar to a lot of lower class struggle. The foster homes or orphanages, missing parents, prison, so on...the struggle defines and has made me strange. Now I have ADHD which enhances my talent in a strange way; so much energy and expression. Life, trauma, Army, prison, abuse --it equals PTSD, anxiety and depression. This helps to work through them emotions are strong drivers in my hand too. I'm a fighter literally and in character an innovator and see trash as an opportunity speakup, stand up, teacher, student compassionate so much of my motivation and seld is in art.

I don't have funds to get access to tools and media as you guys have so I use what's around. Some stuff may have been stolen from by guys from staff, paints are crushed colored pencil, glue is flour and water. Ideas and pictures taken from an old 1980s prison library book. Pen ink used as paint, later wall paint. Bartering is our way of gathering tools, homemade paint brushes. Every line-letter-mark is a story. 

I send a short history with each of the original artwork sold off my Featured Artist Page that details the process of creation. So come with me. I'm not hard to find so write me or use jPay.com email anytime. I can use all the support, advice, and love you have. It's the end and I can come home soon so this is the first step in building my brand. Currently I'm in college classes, we have a Vetera group here, and I go to counseling classes.

The future is art, building a career, finish education, entrepreneurial projects, mentoring, change, love, family, travel, opening self to diversity of our world. Struggle begets strength - strength begets accomplishment - accomplishments beget growth, which begets life.

Share with me what you want. Thank you so much for the opportunity and blessing. Until next time then.

Your fellow human being...in a much bigger world. 

Mr. Belden 

Please click on my name above to view my portfolio. Thank you. 

Jose Colon (2)

United States of America 

I’m 36 years old and have been locked up for 16 1/2 of them. I find inspiration for my work from dreams and need. I am further driven by a need to succeed, despite the years-long odds against me.I have a strong desire to show my work to the world! Keep watching for my latest work.

Joseph Edwards (1)

United States of America

Julianna Reyes (2)

United States of America

Kashun Watson (11)

United States of America 

Click on my name to visit my portfolio. 

Not really sure what to say about myself. I used to 

travel a lot; Iiked to look at the country, the hills and way-out stuff. I guess when I paint, I’m doing that still...only in my mind. 

My inspiration comes partly from photos I find in magazines; partly from memory. For a couple years I attended art school in Freeport, Illinois. My usual work is much larger but, in prison, people want art that fits in an envelope. I’ve made thousands of them over the last 15 years of my incarceration. People buy them from me to send to family. The moms seemed to like them the best. Hearing that makes me feel good.

The past and the future don’t really matter to me anymore; I just try to stay faithful to Jesus and look forward to meeting Him. For me, every picture I make has a story relating to these feelings. 

Not much more to say about myself. I was in the Army for 16 years, and used to be a businessman. Had a wife and 5 kids…all gone now.

Thanks to PrisonArtWare.com and its interns and board of directors for giving me this opportunity to archive my work in a safe and permanent place.

Kenedi Sarafolean (1)

United States of America

Before my incarceration, I couldn't draw so much as a stick figure. I got locked up and needed a way to make money, so I started tattooing--doing the same generic "death art" you see in so many sleeves. Eventually I started looking at the tattoo magazines. Seeing all the amazing work that was being produced. Before that, tattoos were just a rebellious statement. But from then on, they were an amazing new way to express myself. 

I started drawing all I could, to make sure I could put out the best art I could. Being a more "happy-go-lucky", I gravitated toward comical subjects and illustration. A lot of my art still contains darker themes, but with a twist that gives a lighter spin. I may live in a dungeon, but my art takes me to a happier place.

Lawrence Mott (4)

United States of America 

Dear Readers

Let me start by telling you how I came to drawing. I started when I was in the county jail. We were locked in our cells 23 hours per day. I had nothing to do but read a pocket-sized bible...and write letters to home. I spent two years in there, and you can only read the bible so many times.

So I started to draw. Mostly I drew pictures without any shading so I could get better at my line work. It wasn't until I went to prison that I learned how to do the shading work. I'd been down for five years at this point, then I met this guy taught me how to shade. I've been drawing now for 12 years and hope to do it the rest of my life. 

I've always been into tattoos and the tatoo world. It's an art that has evolved so much that got me hooked. It went from doing work that looked like that of a child, to the masterpieces I do now. I like seeing these people walking around with these pieces of artwork on them. It became my inspiration to make myself better with my work. I'm hoping to make sculpture when I'm released from prison, so look out for them in around four years. 

All of my artwork is signed with my prison nickname, "Lazy" so you know what is mine when you see it and a symbol next to it.

Leonard Willis (6)

United States of America

Liddie King (1)

United States of America 

I am a struggling African American Artist looking to make some positive changes in society with my artwork. I have been incarcerated since 2007 and at the age of 51 have made many bad decisions in my life (which doesn't necessarily make me a bad guy), but even after having this setback in life I still strive to generate happiness for myself and others. With your financial support in purchasing my artwork, I will be donating 10% of all proceeds to the children's hospital with the hope of helping our youth to have an equal chance at taking on life's experiences. I use my own life's experiences as a source of inspiration because no matter what challenges society is faced with, we will prevail as long as we are persistent in providing happiness to others. Life revolves in circles and I'll never give up on hope, love, and understanding because we all have a voice that needs to be heard... then put forth the effort to make change.

Luis Gonzalez (1)

United States of America

Marlon Young (0)

United States of America

Mecquon Jones (1)

United States of America

Michael Apelt (3)

United States of America 

Greetings! My name is Michael Apelt. I am a 55 year old self-taught artist from Germany. I became interested in abstract and contemporary art as a way of escaping the gray walls of this place. Art helps me express my artistic talent, which I use as a tool to help pass the time in a productive, positive, and uplifting manner.

I have been an artist for about 27 years, using mostly colored pencil and paper. I recently started painting on canvas and, with the help and encouragement of my legal team, feel I'm making great strides in matching my painting ability with that of my pencil with pencil. 

Art has a way of providing me a certain amount of focus in abstract images and style of colorful expressionism. I think each of my paintings tell a personal story of both common and special relationships and memories that I hope will be appreciated.

Your generous support will help me with art resources and rehabilitative programs. I have many ideas for more work and welcome the challenge of any special requests from my viewers. Thanks for re

Michael Draven

United States of America 

Welcome. The stunning work of prison artist, Anthony Michael Draven is brought to you by PrisonArtWare.com

Prior to being incarcerated for a crime he did not commit, nor had any part of, Michael Draven was an actor(several stage appearances as well as two indie films of which he played lead characters), a budding 

filmmaker, writer(poetry ,scripts, etc), a business minded individual and owner of his own photography and film company (he has many other plans for businesses as well varying in subject).

His style of photography would be best described as a natural, emotional way of photography. It was done by his gut and the feelings that lead to such photographs; the raw instinct to listen to the Muses of creativity.

Society clings to a beauty or what it thinks it means to be beautiful which Draven does not adhere to. He abhors the self-absorbed, fake reality-driven egotistical harlots (male and female) whom haven’t a clue

As to what true beauty is, as they are unaware of who they are and their place in this universe, Draven adheres to the beauty ,the simplicity, of a grandmother’s happiness holding her grandson; a flower being 

a flower; the glory of the moon and sun or the humor of a donkey being spray-painted to look like a zebra, and the locals of Mexico charging Americans $5 to take a photo with it. These are the subjects of his eye that captures his imagination and so much more. For the better part of 10 years (his incarceration 

so far, of a LIFE sentence) these images have collected the digital dust of time and now will be available to the public for its enjoyment.

It is in his opinion that no matter whom it may be, you will always have those you despise your directions in life, whether you are a dancer, actor, artist or other, bear no chains, unshackle all fears and let no one hold you back from following your truest intent of heart and spirit. Artists as a whole are frowned upon by the heads of acceptable societal norms yet we are the ones who create all the world to 

see ,whether words ,drawings ,photos, statues, or the very buildings of which they seat their power. We are the true masters of society and its unlimitless potential.Draven’s only regret is the loss of 10 years worth of photographs he would have created and shared with the world if her were among you. His devotion, beliefs and faith to the European traditionalist viewpoint of Wicca/Witchcraft (don’t 

believe the stereotypes or misconceptions that is propaganda sowed by those with differing belief systems) that his grandmother taught him, or the way he was born and raised in Virginia his mother and the values he grew up on, and the fact of his Romanian and Irish heritage all influenced his art style and the imagery of which you see. To see past the general object of beauty and capture the hidden mystery of its existence. As an artist we all have our Muses, his are his friends, family and the Gods, Goddesses ,spirits, and ancestors who drives him in all his does whatever the format of artistry.

Whether his emotional photography, his dark poetry or some other work ,he only wishes for you to enjoy it and take time to cherish friends, family and the breath of freedom so many take for granted

Michael "Empty" Jasper (2)

United States of America 

Born out of sorrow, comes the severe hallucinations crafted by the twisted mind of Empty aka Michael 

Jasper. Stigmatized by a system out of control, images manifest to his adept hands. Equally versed in 

creation as well as the destruction of art. 

He and his art are thus influenced by the great surrealists M.C. Escher, Salvador Dali, and the greatest 

H.R. Giger. He manipulates his muses into a style he refers to as “Horror Porn”, giving your mind and 

eyes powerful orgasms. He only wishes for you to join in his pain, see his hate, enjoy his lust, and 

experience his anguish.

Classically schooled in art, as well as life’s hard lessons of love and hate, his style and ambiance 

transcend traditional values and viewpoints. His work comes alive as a shadow lurking in corners or as a 

moment of clarity in the chaos of life, equally bruising your mind and spirit as you embrace it. 

From Baltimore, MD, he was fueled by Heavy Metal and sickness, helpless to his calling as an artist, 

allowing his emotions to bleed his instruments dry, whether pen, pencil, or brush. Embracing his 

madness, he finds his solace moments of creation, as all artists do. And in the most chaotic of places, 

prison, with only simple copy paper, prison safety pins, and pieces of prison shoes used as an eraser, he 

thus creates his dreams, memories, and nightmares for your delight. He occasionally ventures into color 

using a child’s love for coloring and their imagination yet in the hands of a skilled master still evolving. 

Aside from these stand alone originals, he is also currently illustrating the words and madness of a 

graphic novelist. Over his 40 plus years of life, this is the first collaboration he’s been privy to. He only 

wonders why at 46 it hasn’t happened before, to share his art to create with another. He yearns as all 

artists for his art, ideas, and dreams to fly into the realms of success. To put behind him the days of 

living in a graveyard like some love-struck ghoul wanted an old forgotten love. Or was he simply a fool as 

all artists have been called when one dares to dream?

So here he presents this menagerie for you to enjoy and revel in a dreamer’s dream.

Nathan Diaz (1)

United States of America

Nathaniel Tumbwe (1)

United States of America

Oscar Parras

United States of America

Pedro Caraballo

United States of America

Percy Oliver (1)

United States of America

Raymond Carr (1)

United States of America

Reginald Green (1)

United States of America

Rhaim Santiago (6)

Hi my names Rhaim Santiago. I would like to thank you for visiting my profile. I was a product of my environment, being raised in foster and group homes. I've made ample mistakes that I regret and some of those mistakes I'm still learning from today. I never really knew how to express myself in the right way but have found living within this experience, incarceration, that art is a way to meditate as well as to find "release" and be expressive. I never thought I was good until I drew a picture for someone and it made them feel great and extremely happy which, in turn, made me feel good about myself. If art can help me and help someone else, then l'll continue to draw until my fingers cramp and I can draw no more. So I hope you enjoy my work. Check back soon because there is always more to come.

Robert Godsey (0)

United States of America

Robert Merrill (1)

United States of America

Rocky Gallegos (0)

United States of America

Roderick Cadet (0)

United States of America

Ruben Torres (13)

United States of America 

About me: Been down since 1995 at the age of 17, being young and dumb. Now I'm doing life for the awful mistake of robbery/murder. With age comes knowledge, however, and now I work to educate myself whenever possible. I look to better understand myself and this world we live in; my art is the outlet I use to express that side.

Scott Foster (72)

United States of America 

My name is Scott Foster and I have been in prison 11 years, and have 9 years to go. What inspires me to do my art Is the personal fulfillment and satisfaction I get in making it. As you can imagine, prison life is stressful, so making my art helps me to relax in this place.

I practice drawing airplanes mostly because I enjoy radio-controlled aircraft, and plan on building them when I get out. Before I came to prison, I made a business out of building radio-controlled airplanes for people, and I want to do that again. 

Thank you for looking at my art and thank you also for any purchases you make. Please remember to like and share my page and the PrisonArtWare.com page.

United States of America 

Hello and welcome to my listing at PrisonArtWare.com. I am excited to share with you, some of my recent paintings; there are more on the way so "♡" and add me to your Favorites then check back often. 
For 19 years I have desired to try my hand at painting. Due to Arizona prison policy, however, I was allowed only cheap colored pencils and pens. I love to create images that grab the viewer's attention; I call it the "Izzat Factor", defined as the factor that commands adoration...you know it when you see it.

So even though I was limited to pencil and pen, I still got busy creating (some of those images are profiled here). Art is therapeutic for me, and provides an escape beyond the prison walls. 

I'm glad to say that the "pencil-and-pen-only" era ended with a civil suit in March 2017 that allowed me to purchase acrylic paint and supplies--wow! It has taken me some time to learn the different mediums (my work and style are self taught), but I absolutely love it. My parents (Cindy and Jim), as Well as my legal team have been super encouraging and supportive in getting me this far in my creativity (I couldn't have done it without you guys-thank you!). 

Thank you for being here. I am available to all viewers and want to create work you will support. Show me what you like and I'll keep them coming. 


Scott D. Nordstrom
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