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Beautiful People,

Peace be with you all and I wish you the greatest joy. Art brings me peace and release and I pass it on to you. Prison is a cesspool and place of suffering many mem and women have different ways to deal with it. 

My inspiration comes from everything but the spark is a spontaneous moment I have. So many times I catch a eureka moment. My life is similar to a lot of lower class struggle. The foster homes or orphanages, missing parents, prison, so on...the struggle defines and has made me strange. Now I have ADHD which enhances my talent in a strange way; so much energy and expression. Life, trauma, Army, prison, abuse --it equals PTSD, anxiety and depression. This helps to work through them emotions are strong drivers in my hand too. I'm a fighter literally and in character an innovator and see trash as an opportunity speakup, stand up, teacher, student compassionate so much of my motivation and seld is in art.

I don't have funds to get access to tools and media as you guys have so I use what's around. Some stuff may have been stolen from by guys from staff, paints are crushed colored pencil, glue is flour and water. Ideas and pictures taken from an old 1980s prison library book. Pen ink used as paint, later wall paint. Bartering is our way of gathering tools, homemade paint brushes. Every line-letter-mark is a story. 

I send a short history with each of the original artwork sold off my Featured Artist Page that details the process of creation. So come with me. I'm not hard to find so write me or use jPay.com email anytime. I can use all the support, advice, and love you have. It's the end and I can come home soon so this is the first step in building my brand. Currently I'm in college classes, we have a Vetera group here, and I go to counseling classes.

The future is art, building a career, finish education, entrepreneurial projects, mentoring, change, love, family, travel, opening self to diversity of our world. Struggle begets strength - strength begets accomplishment - accomplishments beget growth, which begets life.

Share with me what you want. Thank you so much for the opportunity and blessing. Until next time then.

Your fellow human being...in a much bigger world. 

Mr. Belden 

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Hey, my name is Jose Colon. I've been locked up for 16 1/2 years; I'm 36 years old. The inspiration for my work stems from need and dreams. I'm driven by an obsessive need to succeed...despite the odds against me. It is my dream to share my work with the world. Click or tap my name to view my work. Thanks for being here.

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Not really sure what to say about myself. I used to travel a lot; Iiked to look at the country, the hills and way-out stuff. I guess when I paint, I’m doing that still...only in my mind. 

My inspiration comes partly from photos I find in magazines; partly from memory. For a couple years I attended art school in Freeport, Illinois. My usual work is much larger but, in prison, people want art that fits in an envelope. I’ve made thousands of them over the last 15 years of my incarceration. People buy them from me to send to family. The moms seemed to like them the best. Hearing that makes me feel good.

The past and the future don’t really matter to me anymore; I just try to stay faithful to Jesus and look forward to meeting Him. For me, every picture I make has a story relating to these feelings. 

Not much more to say about myself. I was in the Army for 16 years, and used to be a businessman. Had a wife and 5 kids…all gone now.

Thanks to PrisonArtWare.com and its interns and board of directors for giving me this opportunity to archive my work in a safe and lasting place.


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by Michael Allison, dba the Gallery of Imprisoned Artists
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