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The Freedom Through Art Foundation is excited to welcome Kenneth Key to our ever growing grouping of prison artists. His work fits squarely in the culture and abstract genres, giving his portfolio a mixture of seriousness and wonder. Kenneth is a gifted artist whose work deserves the attention of collectors and curators alike. It is a privilege to represent his work online, and in the physical world outside of the state of Illinois where he is currently imprisoned.

Click here to view Kenneth's Featured Artist Page, or at KenKeyCarceralArtProject.com, where you can read about him, view his work while simultaneously learning about each. You can also use the drop-down menu at every work to buy original works (if available), and/or Giclee limited prints that capture the vividness of his craft. 

Interestedin purchasing Kenneth's work on everything from apparel to furniture or even wallpaper? Click here to visit his newly updated online portfolio.

Kenneth Zamarron (2)

My son cannot do this but gives me his art. I asked what art means to him and this is what he said: I am literally a man buried alive. Every morning I look into a mirror and burst within, insanity burglarize my mind as I cry knowing this is my life, life at 16, 16 doing life.

Now 27, the only thing true in my life is art. It is my artillery Behind These Walls. And for you I promise to be as articulately artful as possible. This is how I can be true to you

Read about our artists here, then click their name to visit their online portfolio. 

We're on a first name basis with our artists. Please view prison art by first name. 

Dear Readers

Let me start by telling you how I came to drawing. I started when I was in the county jail. We were locked in our cells 23 hours per day. I had nothing to do but read a pocket-sized bible...and write letters to home. I spent two years in there, and you can only read the bible so many times.

So I started to draw. Mostly I drew pictures without any shading so I could get better at my line work. It wasn't until I went to prison that I learned how to do the shading work. I'd been down for five years at this point, then I met this guy taught me how to shade. I've been drawing now for 12 years and hope to do it the rest of my life. 

I've always been into tattoos and the tatoo world. It's an art that has evolved so much that got me hooked. It went from doing work that looked like that of a child, to the masterpieces I do now. I like seeing these people walking around with these pieces of artwork on them. It became my inspiration to make myself better with my work. I'm hoping to make sculpture when I'm released from prison, so look out for them in around four years. 

All of my artwork is signed with my prison nickname, "Lazy" so you know what is mine when you see it and a symbol next to it.


Click here to view my online portfolio where you can purchase my work on over 100 products, like apparel, furniture, home decor, and more.

Did you know that you can purchase my original work and limited prints at my Featured Artist Page? Click here to check it out. 

Like what you read and see? Leave comments below and my PrisonArtWare rep, Intern Zachary, will send them to me. I appreciate all kinds of feedback. Thank you!

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Check out my Featured Artist Page where you can but my original work, or 9 sizes of Giclee limited prints. Click here to check it out.

Leonard Willis (8)

Leonard (Willis) Willis Jr's love for drawing was born out of his love for semi tractor trailers. Pulled out of school at the fifth-grade, his dad made him work like a grown man, introducing Willis to heavy machinery. But as he grew older, having his youth spent at hard labor—stifling his creative nature—brought emotional pain which led drugs. Addiction led to crime. 

In prison, bored, and missing that freedom big rigs offered him over the open road, he looked deep inside himself, pouring out his heart, drawing semi trucks from pictures and memory—envisioning a new future. Feelings and encouragement from fellow inmates revealed natural talent and Willis wanted more, so he taught himself to draw portraits of famous people. "Great love", Leonardo da Vinci said”, is born from great knowledge of the thing loved". For Willis, a love of drawing was born.

In federal prison for bank robbery, he'd learned that his prison job painting would pay more for him if he earned a GED. Wanting more money for art supplies, he studied and passed the high school equivalency test, graduating in a cap and gown ceremony. 

Knowing that if he got into any trouble, the prison guards would take his art supplies, he adhered to all the prison rules. His love and talent for drawing grew, changing his beliefs and himself, others, and the world.

Now he's driven to use art as a way to enliven and make better the lives of others. 

Art saved Willis’s life. In prison it set him free. Drawing daily, and doing it for its own sake, he's excited about his future. 

For questions, comments, or inquiries into custom commissions, contact Willis's gallery rep, Intern Zachary at internzachary@prisonartware.com.

Luis Gonzalez (1)

Liddie King (1)

I am a struggling African American Artist looking to make some positive changes in society with my artwork. I have been incarcerated since 2007 and at the age of 51 have made many bad decisions in my life (which doesn't necessarily make me a bad guy), but even after having this setback in life I still strive to generate happiness for myself and others. With your financial support in purchasing my artwork, I will be donating 10% of all proceeds to the children's hospital with the hope of helping our youth to have an equal chance at taking on life's experiences. I use my own life's experiences as a source of inspiration because no matter what challenges society is faced with, we will prevail as long as we are persistent in providing happiness to others. Life revolves in circles and I'll never give up on hope, love, and understanding because we all have a voice that needs to be heard... then put forth the effort to make change.


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