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My name is Scott Foster and I have been in prison 11 years, and have 9 years to go. What inspires me to do my art Is the personal fulfillment and satisfaction I get in making it. As you can imagine, prison life is stressful, so making my art helps me to relax in this place.

I practice drawing airplanes mostly because I enjoy radio-controlled aircraft, and plan on building them when I get out. Before I came to prison, I made a business out of building radio-controlled airplanes for people, and I want to do that again. 

Thank you for looking at my art and thank you also for any purchases you make. Please remember to like and share my page and the PrisonArtWare.com page.

Click here to view my online portfolio where you can browse digital copies of my work. Or go directly to my online shop where you can purchase my trending works on over 70 products, from apparel, to laptop skins and more. 

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Hello and welcome to my listing at PrisonArtWare.com. I am excited to share with you, some of my recent paintings; there are more on the way so "♡" and add me to your Favorites then check back often. 

For 19 years I have desired to try my hand at painting. Due to Arizona prison policy, however, I was allowed only cheap colored pencils and pens. I love to create images that grab the viewer's attention; I call it the "Izzat Factor", defined as the factor that commands adoration...you know it when you see it.

So even though I was limited to pencil and pen, I still got busy creating (some of those images are profiled here). Art is therapeutic for me, and provides an escape beyond the prison walls. 

I'm glad to say that the "pencil-and-pen-only" era ended with a civil suit in March 2017 that allowed me to purchase acrylic paint and supplies--wow! It has taken me some time to learn the different mediums (my work and style are self taught), but I absolutely love it. My parents (Cindy and Jim), as Well as my legal team have been super encouraging and supportive in getting me this far in my creativity (I couldn't have done it without you guys-thank you!). 

Thank you for being here. I am available to all viewers and want to create work you will support. Show me what you like and I'll keep them coming.

Click here to view my online portfolio where you can browse digital copies of my work. Or go directly to my online shop where you can purchase my trending works on over 70 products, from apparel, to laptop skins and more. 

Interested in my original work? Click here to visit my Featured Artist Page microsite, where you can purchase my original work and limited prints. 


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I was raised in Colorado and love the outdoors. I've been a tattoo artist for 18 years, specializing in work from artistic prose to skulls (my favorite), wildlife and everything in between. I love color in my tattoos, but not so much in my drawings. 

Major motivations in my work come from the people in my life, how I am feeling at the time, and what clients and people request; they give me their “likes” and I piece together an image that satisfies them. I am heavily influenced by my memories and surroundings...good and bad. 

Besides tattooing, I draw, paint, and sculpt. I love to do floral arrangements and work in any medium that involves nature.

The work featured here is available on wall hangings galore! Simply use the dropdown list under each to choose the display type that suits you. Check out display types descriptions and videos here.

I am 50 years old, a gemini ,and currently working as an artist in a Florida prison. Feel free to write with your comments, questions, and requests.

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by Michael Allison, dba the Gallery of Imprisoned Artists
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