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Stadford Johnson  (1)

I’m a Christian Artist- in all mediums - and will profile it on this website:

  • Portraits
  • Paintings
  • Greeting cards
  • Posters
  • Poems
  • Songs
  • Silouettes
  • Logos
  • And more

I also accel at doing architectual and mechanical drawings. And if you're interested, I want you to buy it, show it off, and tell others so they can buy some good artwork too. Age: 55 Birthdate: 4/30/1964 Born in Brooklyn NY. Ist school, PS 191; attended 1st Art Class at Muse Museum or The Museum of Natural History. Moved to Centralia IL at 2nd grade; was popular in art, spelling, at Franklin School, Jr High & High School (diploma). Won several contests. Excelled also in Home Economics - baking, cooking, & sewing; Shop (welding & metal working) & wood shop. Took CADD Computer Aided Drafting & Design at Kaskaskia College, and received certificates in Horticulture & Small Business Management at Rend Lake College. I'm 5° 74" African American with Irish descent, and maybe a little Indian. Drew portraits at craft fairs. Worked construction sites (2), & grocery stores, and my dad's candy store, on a garbage truck, and restaurants. Incarcerated: 1994 Civlly Commited, Indeterminate Sentence. (see 725 ILCS 205/et seq) Explaination upon request. Non-violent; forgiven, & changed life. Love for victims & their fam- ilies. Diabetic. All donations accepted for positive goals. 

I want to also say that the success of this website by the interest in the various works of art that you have will surely benefit the Kingdom of God to generate enough money toward God's storehouse; that the Gospel can be spread, and the Church can benefit all in need. God will surely get His 10% plus offering, and what's left over will go toward art supplies, helping my homeless daughter, being informed legally, educationally, and spiritually; and then moving forward to reenter society to continue a successful life in Christ Jesus. You will have your part. 

Click here to view my online portfolio where you can browse digital copies of my work. Or go directly to my online shop where you can purchase my trending works on over 70 products, from apparel, to laptop skins and more. 

Interested in my original work? How about quality Giclee limited prints in 9 sizes? Click here to visit my Featured Artist Page where you can purchase my original work and limited prints. 


Steven Baxter (1)

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